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SAATH (Supportive Action Across Telemedicine and Healthcare) is a public health initiative to enable access to best-in-class healthcare with telephonic and video-calling-based consulting. The initiative is hinged on three key pillars:

  • Access: Ensure free of cost access to an inclusive telemedicine solution across different sections of society. 
  • Awareness: Build awareness on telemedicine as a rapidly growing public health solution.
  • Acceptance: Accelerate the acceptance of telemedicine with a high-end technology interface and empathetic medical consultations.

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Program Features:

  • Video and Audio Consultations: Get access to trained medical professionals in both audio and video formats, at your fingertips.
  • Free Service: The entire SAATH experience is free for the patient, while completely ensuring the privacy of the patients.
  • Robust Technology: The robust technology back-end allows a smooth interaction of the patient with the telemedicine service.
  • Digital Prescriptions: We send digital prescriptions to the patient via WhatsApp/ Email/ SMS for all consultations for medical record keeping.
  • Follow-up: Feel free to call our free helpline number for following-up on your health situation, and get expert help.


  • Allopathy: Get access to experienced MBBS doctors for teleconsultation on any health ailments.
  • Ayurveda: Leverage the ancient Indian wisdom with trained Ayurvedic Doctors available for consultation.
  • Nutrition: Get instant support from expert nutritionists for any immediate help or to pursue your long-term health and fitness goals.
  • Medical Services: For any emergency health information, contact us for details on ambulances, medical equipment like oxygen cylinders, concentrators etc.

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