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Covid India Support from state Govt. Of Western Australia

Expressing our gratitude to The Government of Western Australia

Sewa International is extremely grateful to the Government of Western Australia for donating 950k worth of grants to Sewa International Australia with much consideration and generosity and for entrusting various organizations through their grant support during the second wave of COVID-19 in India.

We would also like to extend our thanks to Sewa International Australia who reached out to us with the grants and despite the distance were able to help the community battle the crisis.

In remote areas, the underserved and marginalized communities and individuals, especially those engaged in the gray economy and daily wage workers felt the impact of the situation most intensely. These communities underwent loss of wages/jobs, eviction from rented homes, starvation, poverty and other obstacles of extreme degrees during a time as difficult as the second wave of the pandemic.

Thanks to the support of the grant, we are able to extend help in some long-term health projects across the nation.

An equitable distribution of the grants across the Nothern, Eastern, Western and Southern parts of India was planned carefully keeping in mind that the grants are utilized to help charitable institutions and disadvantaged communities.

Major projects that were executed with the grants

Some projects including the set up of 800LPM oxygen plants, Mobile Medical Boat Units in West Bengal, Mobile Medical Van Units, and distribution of Critical Care Equipment are still under process.

Oxygen Generating Plant

1 unit of 800 LPM capacity at Military Hospital in Uttarakhand.

Mobile Medical Units

2 Mobile Medical Units Vans in Rajasthan and Tripura respectively.

Critical Care Equipment for Charitable Hospitals

36 units of 13 types (ventilators, ECG machine, 2D Echo, Multipara monitor, etc.) in 30+ hospitals across 6 states including Gujarat, West Bengal, Odisha, Jammu Kashmir, Maharashtra and Arunachal Pradesh.

Long Term Impact

The critical care equipment will not only help with the rehabilitation of people recovering from the second wave, but also will be useful for the third wave of Covid-19 which is expected to hit India soon.

In the long run, this equipment will be highly beneficial and instrumental in treating a higher number of patients suffering several diseases otherwise as well.

With all these initiatives and projects, we hope to help save more lives and be prepared for the third wave of Covid-19.

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