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Why Disaster Management?

India is vulnerable to a wide spectrum of natural disasters due to its varied topography, ranking it among the 10 most disaster-prone countries in the world. Disaster is considered as a sudden, unfortunate and catastrophic event, subsequenting to loss of many lives, dismantling of lifestyle and relocation of ancestral homes. According to Disaster Management In India Report by Ministry of Home Affairs, about 60% of landmass in the country is prone to earthquakes, over 40 million hectares is receptive to flood, approximately 8% of total area is prone to cyclones and 68% of the landmass is susceptible to drought.

Over the last two decades, Sewa International has navigated through a spectrum of disasters, honing our expertise in crisis response. Our primary focus remains centered on upholding human dignity, mitigating suffering, and safeguarding lives. We believe in serving the humanity by incorporating the ideology of ‘3Rs: Rescue, Relief and Rehabilitate.’

Our Resilient Response

Sewa International stands as a frontline responders during disasters, navigating the unique strategy of
Preparedness, Response, Mitigation, and Recovery.

From the Bhuj earthquake in 2001 to the Uttarakhand and Kerala floods, the Tapovan glacial burst, and the COVID-19 pandemic, we've honed expertise in comprehensive disaster management.

At Sewa, proactive disaster management is not an option it's a necessity. Key events have sculpted us into experts, ensuring both immediate response and sustained rehabilitation. Committed to securing futures, we impart preparedness training, fostering resilient communities in the face of uncertainty.

 Our Impact 

Transforming Future, Fabricating Impact: 2 years of Purposeful 'SEWA'

SEWA Volunteers Engaged
Partnered Organizations
Direct and Indirect Beneficiaries
Villages, Houses, Community Halls Constructed
Schools and Hostel Constructed
Training Centers
SHGs Formed
Community Membership

25 years of Disaster management
Response and Continuous Efforts

The genesis of Sewa's movement in disaster response dates back to the aftermath of the Latur earthquake in 1993, marking the beginning of a small-scale rescue and relief effort. This initial endeavor prompted the formal establishment of a trust, leading to systematically coordinating volunteer activities.

What started as a modest voluntary initiative to aid communities in the wake of natural disasters gradually evolved into comprehensive, sustainable rehabilitation and reconstruction projects.

  1. Latur Earthquake in 1993

  2. HPCL Refinery Blast in 1997

  3. Gujarat Super Cyclone in 1998

  4. Paradip Cyclone in 1999

  5. West Bengal Floods in 2000

  6. Bhuj Earthquake in 2001

  7. Rajasthan Drought in 2001

  8. West Bengal Floods in 2002

  9. Assam Floods in 2004

  10. Bihar Floods in 2004

  11. Tsunami in 2004

  12. Jammu and Kashmir Earthquake in 2005

  13. Surat Floods in 2006

  14. Maharashtra Floods in 2006

  15. Godavari Floods in 2006

  16. Bihar Floods in 2007

  17. Kosi Floods in 2008

  18. Andhra Pradesh Floods in 2009

  19. Karnataka Floods in 2009

  20. Haryana Floods in 2010

  21. Leh Cloudburst in 2010

  22. Jammu and Kashmir Floods in 2011

  23. Sikkim Earthquake in 2011

  24. Uttar Pradesh Floods in 2011

  25. Cyclone Thane in 2011

  26. Uttarakhand Floods in 2013

  27. Hudhud Cyclone in 2014

  28. Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu Floods in 2015

  29. Ockhi Cyclone in 2017

  30. Kerala and Karnataka Floods in 2018

  31. Cyclone Fani in 2019

  32. Maharashtra Floods in 2019

  33. Uttarakhand Cloudburst in 2019

  34. Karnataka Floods in 2019

  35. COVID Pandemic in 2020

  36. Cyclone Amphan in 2020

  37. Cyclone Nisarga in 2020

  38. Cyclone Nivar in 2020

  39. Maharashtra Floods in 2020

  40. Karnataka Floods in 2020

  41. COVID Pandemic in 2021

  42. Uttarakhand Glacier Burst in 2021


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