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Sewa Krishi

Agriculture has been the most primitive and primary activity of the people in the Indian subcontinent. With fragmented land holdings and increasing pressure on the land and its productivity, it has become a trend to infest the soil with excessive fertilizers to increase productivity. This leaves the pH levels of the soil distorted and also adversely affects the cropping patterns. This reckless and unsustainable model of farming has had an adverse impact on plains as well as the hills. The key lies not in the reckless increase in production of cash crops but rather in the diversification of crops so that the nutrient balance of the soil is maintained.

Sewa Krishi is an endeavour to achieve this objective and to restore the sanctity and purity of what we call “Devbhoomi” Uttarakhand. It is an agricultural initiative which aims at promoting organic farming, especially the produce unique to the Himalayan region. The focus also remains on generating livelihood means through agricultural activity. We seek to combine the best practices of traditional farming and integrate it with the technological know-how of the present times to be able to pursue not just primitive farming but also climate smart agriculture.


Sewa International invites volunteers to come forward and support various initiatives by volunteering with us.


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Sewa Krishi through its SHG (Self Help Group) development model seeks to develop an effective agri-market economy combining agriculture, empowerment activities and generating livelihood out of the same. HIMSAMPADA – the farmer-producer organisation in the pipeline is a vision towards that end. Through HIMSAMPADA, the collective bargaining capacity of the local farmers is expected to increase greatly. The capital and shareholding powers would be from within the members. This self-sustainable model of development would ensure that there is a holistic improvement in the Uttarakhand market economy. Value chain addition, optimum product planning, leadership development of the farmers, forward and backward linkage of markets are some of the key priorities of HIMSAMPADA. Following are the various ways by which the farmers of Uttarakhand are being empowered economically and agriculturally.

  • Seed Distribution To SHGs – To contribute to better productivity and also to reduce the input cost for the farmers, free distribution of seeds is undertaken around the different clusters namely Tapovan, Simli, Chandrapuri, Pokhari, Narayankoti. The seeds distributed are those of vegetables, flowers, fruits etc.

  • Seed Sowing Training – In an effort that modern researches and techniques of sowing seeds for optimum productivity and a good crop are imparted to the trainees, we hold periodic seed sowing training sessions. The agricultural experts from universities, research institutes are invited on various occasions to train the farmers.
  • Exhibition Display – The farm produce of various SHGs is collected, processed, so that they can be displayed at the various exhibitions held in Agastyamuni, New Delhi, Dehradun etc.

  • Volunteers Visits And Internships – Periodic visits are organized for volunteers to help them develop a connection with the varied and different mountain topography and to acquaint them with the socio-economic conditions of the people here. The volunteers help in mapping the crop patterns and also conduct land surveys for better policy formulation.The interns also interact with the SHG members to give them the best ideas relating to modern agriculture.

  • Preparation of nursery bed and demo bed – For a better understanding, preparation of demo beds and nursery beds has been done by us in all the clusters. There are various processes involved in the preparation of these beds including weeding, hoeing, and irrigation. After ploughing of the field and the solarisation of soil, these demonstration beds are used for the demonstration of crops.

  • Farm Product Collection From SHGs – The variety of farm products produced by SHGs include Black soybean, Cow Pea local, Pigeon Pea, Black gram, Kidney beans, Horse gram, White soybean, Finger Millet, Barnyard Millet, Red rice, Til, Dry Sweet guard.
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