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Divyang Care

As rightly said by Nick Vujicic ‘Fear is the biggest disability of all. It will paralyze you more than being in wheelchair’.  The Constitution of India gives equal rights to every legal citizen of India, whether they are healthy or disabled in any way (physically or mentally). The current Indian government has also proposed to use word ‘Divyang’ (Divine Body) instead of ‘Disability’ (Viklang) as they are special souls of God. For a Divyang to keep their life colorful, utmost important is to give them due attention, assistance and support from their family, friendly environment and should be engaged in community driven programs.  

Sewa International has always lent a helping hand towards integrating people with disabilities into mainstream society, by empowering them with skills and education throughout the country. Our journey towards Divyang Care & Rehab started in the year 2011 and running special care programs in three states; Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.


Sewa International invites volunteers to come forward and support various initiatives by volunteering with us.


Aims & Objectives:

  •  To reduce social exclusion, offer an integrated and inclusive education for the children with disabilities into mainstream society.
  • To organize and offer social rehabilitation programs for the children with disability.
  • To provide non-formal education and livelihood skills training income for employment opportunities.
  • To provide physiotherapy care, extend surgical and medical treatment for disability prevention and care.

Social Impact


Schools constructed

Schools supported

Focus Areas:

1.      Residential Schools
2.      Healthcare Facility
3.      Recreational Activities
4.      Skill-based Vocational Education on Employability

Major Interventions:

Financial support for Schools, Rehabilitation Centers and Other Institutions;

  1.  Roman Lobo School for Blind, Mangalore, Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu: Supporting the education of visually impaired kids
  2. Karunaii Trust, Chennai, Tamil Nadu: Supporting the home, school and vocational training of mentally challenged kids
  3. Samatol Foundation, Mumbai: Supporting the social uplifting and rehabilitation of runaway kids/youth and reuniting them with their families
  4. Arunodaya School for specially-abled kids, Gadag, Karnataka: Supporting construction of school building and training centre for differently-abled children (Children with Mental Disability, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Multiple disabilities etc.). A new constructed school building was inaugurated in Feb, 2019. Total 47 students (31 boys and 16 girls) were enrolled in Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Pre-Vocational classes in the year 2019
  5. Divya Vidyalaya, Jawahar, Maharashtra: Supporting construction of residential school for visually impaired and mentally retarded tribal children with special needs.The new school building and hostel was inaugurated on the occasion of Gudi Padwa in Mar, 2015
  6. Fund Raising Campaign: Fund raising campaign for Cochlea Pune, a registered charitable trust, for Hearing and Speech which offers Cochlear Implant surgery and speech therapy to congenitally deaf children, enabling them to speak.


Sanvedana Latur

Divya Vidyalay- Jawhar

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