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Sewa Mahila Jyoti

The pivotal objective of Sewa Mahila Jyoti is women empowerment through turning skill into a livelihood. The activities are based around creating livelihood opportunities through local arts and crafts. In a rain-fed country like ours when global warming is on the rise and farmer suicides due to crop failure are rampant we need to find solutions to problems occurring from crop failure or climate calamities. Apart from investing technologies in increasing the resilience to climate change, we also need to think out of the box to provide more alternate means of livelihood to the farming community and especially women. This serves the twin purpose of making women financially independent by strengthening the SHG network and also boosting the local crafts by skill development of the masses.



Sewa International invites volunteers to come forward and support various initiatives by volunteering with us.

Our Activities

  • TRAINING IN KNITTING CENTERS – Knitting is the traditional activity that has been practised by women, especially so of the hilly regions, since millennials. This skill provides a natural market for itself in and around this region. Our aim in training the women is to align their craft with the market driven demand for the product. The centers have trainers to train the beneficiaries and guide them.The centers are equipped with modern machines that the trainees learn to operate with the help of trainers.

  • PARTICIPATION IN FAIRS AND EXHIBITIONS – To make their visibility in the market, the SHGs are encouraged to participate in the various exhibitions held in and outside the state in Agastyamuni, New Delhi, Dehradun etc. The fairs act as a local market so that the members are able to sell their products to the local population itself.

  • MARKETING OF WOOLEN PRODUCTS – Given the fact that the woolen products from the Kumaoni and Garhwali culture, their beautifully woven caps, sweaters and shawls are in demand all through the country, special emphasis is placed on marketing of the products so as to develop a sense of entrepreneurship in the women and make them understand the nuances of business. The marketing is done through display in various exhibitions and events in and outside the state.

  • VILLAGE COMMUNITY TRAINING – The training model followed in the clusters is in two forms. The SHG members can get training either by visiting the training centers or through community training. This is being done to make the learning available at the doorstep to those who cannot come to the centers. Also, a more localised training allows us to give the basic, preliminary training to the women at a large scale. The training helps in creating opportunities for these women to open their own ventures in the near future.

  • VOLUNTEER VISITS – Regular volunteer visits are carried out throughout the clusters to give the volunteers a ground-level view of the different activities undertaken. The volunteers with their experience and exposure of the market trends bring in a fresh perspective. They help formulate and draft the marketing strategy. The volunteers especially the youth interact with the local population thus giving them fresh, innovative ideas to improve their business and to explore more livelihood options.

  • RINGAL PRODUCTION – Bamboo craft is practiced in many places of Uttarakhand due to abundant availability of rich quality and variety of species of bamboo in local forest. Among the species of bamboo, Ringal is one of the bamboo species. The farmers fetch the ringal bamboo from the forest in October to November and weave the baskets in the winter when there is not much work in fields. The finished baskets are mainly used for storing grains and supplements and carrying purposes. Some baskets are ornamented with plain weaves. Ringal Bamboo products are tough and durable.


  • I am grateful to Sewa International for providing me with this opportunity. I visited the place where this school began and was baffled at how 55 people could live in that small place. It takes great vision and dedication to complete such a task. We all know that education is the route from poverty to fulfillment. People with disability are at certain disadvantage but a facility like this provides them with the opportunity to realize their potential. I want to thank all of you.. the teachers, people who have made this possible, Sewa international and on behalf of UK parliament, I would like to say that you've made a difference! Let's pledge to make this difference in all the states across Bharat together. Let's give everyone an opportunity to become the best they can.

    Author image
    • Bob Blackman
  • The experience and exposure provided by Sewa International was very enriching. It is heartening to see people not giving up easily despite unfavourable conditions.

    Author image
    • Aneesh S V L S
    • MBA Student at NIFTEM, Sonipat, Haryana
  • Wonderful experience. The visit helped us in gaining a better understanding of the challenges faced by the village residents in terms of food technology and processing.

    Author image
    • Raunak
    • B. Tech. Student at NIFTEM, Sonipat, Haryana
  • Sewa International is doing a phenomenal jobin Uttarakhand providing means of sustainable development to the community specially women under various banners like Sewa Krishi, Sewa Arogyam, Sewa Mahila Jyoti etc. The mobile health van is a unique concept providing advanced services like ECG, Xray and other investigations at affordable prices. The team understands the need of volunteers and visitors and delivers accordingly. You don't feel like an outsider and they welcome you warmly into their family. I would request you to help them in their noble cause in any way you can.

    Author image
    • Dr. Nihkil Garg
  • Great initiatives by sewa. It feels great to work with people to know the people around Uttarakhand. Had lots of learning and good experience with the team. Since I was working in the field of village tourism I got an opportunity to explore the Village life local traditions and cuisines which was fabulous. Sewa has built a strong network between the people and NGO, it is just remarkable. You never feel an outsider when you are working with sewa over here. If got another chance i would definitely like to carry my work forward with sewa.

    Author image
    • Sourabh Veer
    • Volunteer

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