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Swasthya Sahyogi Sewa

This initiative is focused on building a healthy & hygienic society for the local community, where health issues can be easily addressed locally & the larger aim is to generate employable skill in the health sector. Through our volunteers, we aim to make basic health services accessible to the locals at their doorstep and in that process sensitize them towards the need to maintain health and hygiene. Special focus under this remains on adolescent, Pregnant women and children, through mobile medical vans, awareness camps and first aid kit distribution.


Sewa International invites volunteers to come forward and support various initiatives by volunteering with us.

How We Work

  • First Aid Kit Distribution – Given the rugged terrains of the region where road connectivity is poor and the means of transport minimal, it becomes all the more necessary that people are aware of the ways and means to provide a basic first aid to any patient or victim. First Aid Kits are distributed to them to bridge this gap till access to the nearby hospital is attained. Monitoring of these kits is also done to understand the consumption pattern of medicines.

  • Kishori Samuh – Health of the young adolescent girls comes at the forefront of any health initiative undertaken by Sewa International. Kishori Samuh are such groups formed for young girls, to make them aware of the importance of personal hygiene and reproductive health. Openly talking about such issues and receiving correct information and guidance gives them a sense of confidence and comfort.

  • Health Awareness Programmes – Regular health awareness camps are organized for the members of the SHGs to provide them knowledge about nutrition, first aid, hygiene and other important issues surrounding healthcare. Apart from just taking of their own family, the members are guided as to how to maintain a decent standard of public health and their responsibility in it.
  • Street Plays And Festival Celebrations – To foster a spirit of togetherness and mutual responsibility, the community is brought together through street plays which present the issues concerning society and health in a very easy and entertaining manner. On occasions like women’s day, Independence day etc, such events ensure community involvement and interest generation amongst the volunteers and members.

  • Health Camps And Mobile Medical Units – To bridge the last mile connectivity with respect to public health facilities, various health camps are organized, seeing participation from professionals, volunteers, health workers, and the villagers as well. These health camps provide facilities for eye screening, dental hygiene, radiology, pathology, telemedicine etc.
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