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Supporting Covid Care Centers

Wave 2 in India became Tsunami. The peculiarity of wave 2 is the high number of people getting infected and required hospitalization with oxygen support. 

Local government bodies, volunteer organizations swung into action and set up isolation and care centers to handle asymptomatic and mild cases. But the sheer large number of cases brought a lot of essential material and equipment needed at these centers in short supply.

Sewa International received relief material pooled by the Indian Diaspora from 25 countries. With the help from local partners and a strong network of volunteers an immediate response to support isolation centers, care centers and hospitals across India

Indian diaspora donated generously and arranged for 9500 + concentrators and 250 ventilators. In India, the Sewa International team has been doing the rigorous job of identifying needs from nuke and corners of India and supplying the equipment as early as possible.

Funding was raised for other necessary medical equipment's as well.

By June 2021 1st week, 4952 concentrators have been distributed to various hospitals and covid care centers across the country and work is still going on

Apart from concentrators, other useful medical equipment is also distributed. Following are the figures of distribution in the period on last 6 weeks (April 21 last week till June21 1st week)

Ventilators: 250

BIPAP & CPAP Machines: 1200

Pulse Oximeters: 21500

Accessories (Humidifier, Nasal Cannula): 12000

PPE & Sanitation Kits: 20000

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