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Social Journalism

Are you a professional, eager to make a difference?

Our 3-month Social Journalism program is your opportunity to contribute to social development using your analytical and articulation skills. We're seeking participants from all corners of India to join us on this transformative journey. Throughout the program, you'll delve into the heart of social impact, capturing compelling case studies from leading non-profits across India. Your stories will be compiled into a powerful social journal, amplifying the voices of change-makers nationwide. Join us in shaping a brighter future through the power of journalism.

A 3-month Social Journalism program, where skills meet social impact to shape change, amplify voice, and craft a brighter future through storytelling.

Highlights of the Program:

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Grassroots Experience:

Opportunity to experience social impact models at the grassroots level.

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Social Leader Interaction:

Interaction with social leaders from different domains like education, health, livelihoods etc.

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Continuous mentorship and personal guidance from the Sewa International team.

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Capacity Building:

Learn and interact with India’s leading management and social leaders.

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Publish Your Work:

Best articles/case-studies will be published across multiple online/offline portals.

Join Our Social Journalism Program
Harness Your Skills for Social Impact!

To know more about Social Journalism, click and watch the video.

Social Journalist Responsibilities

  • Design Research Process of your individual project.
  • Visit field and communities to witness projects firsthand, gaining insight.
  • Conduct interviews with various stakeholders in order to capture diverse perspectives and experience.
  • Structure content and framework for your coursework.
  • Document the impact through written case studies, providing detailed narratives showcasing tangible outcomes and lessons learned from each Social Impact case.

Participant Support or Guidance

Participants will gain valuable insights and benefit from six workshops covering a range of essential topics:

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Case Study Writing

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Research Writing

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Utilising Chat GPT in development sectors

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Community interviewing

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Understanding Development

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Article Writing

These sessions aim to equip Volunteers with skills and knowledge crucial for effectively capturing stories and conducting interviews in the social sector.


  • The program will benefit the participants in the following mentioned ways.
  • Enhanced skills and knowledge.
  • Enhanced networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Access to a diverse network of professionals.
  • Platform for sharing experiences and expertise.
  • Continued support and resources provided by Sewa International for volunteers to leverage their network and collaborate effectively.

Is there an age limit for this program?

Yes, the age limit is 25-40 years.

Are there any minimum criteria for this programme?

Ideal Learners for this opportunity are working professionals equipped with creative writing abilities, a passion for social work, and adeptness in research methodologies. However, we welcome applications from individuals in various professions who possess a strong commitment to social impact and a willingness to learn and apply skills such as empathy, critical thinking, and data analysis in capturing compelling case studies.

Do we need to visit the project locations during the programme?

Yes. Please note that you will be required to travel to project locations for a minimum duration of seven days to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project. It's important to be aware that these locations may be remote, depending on the project assigned to you.

How much does this program cost?

The programme is learner-based and completely free of cost.

Is there a travel allowance provided during the program?

Kindly note that there is no provision for a travel allowance in this program, and learners are responsible for covering all expenses incurred during field visits on their own.

Is the Social Journalism Program sustainable for the future?

Yes, the program aims for sustainability with plans for continued operation soon.

What opportunities are available for continued engagement and involvement after the program?

At Sewa International we imagine a long-term engagement with all our members as volunteers, consultant across our organizations as well as pool of 100+ partner organizations.

How long is the program duration?

The program runs for a period of 3 months. Mid-April-Mid July 2024.

What expenses should I anticipate during this program?

Participants are required to cover their own expenses for travel, food, and accommodation at the project location.

What kind of support is provided to learners during the program?

Learners receive guidance, monitoring, and necessary resources throughout the program duration through workshops and bi-weekly calls from the organizations.

How are case studies selected for inclusion in the social journal?

Case studies are selected based on their relevance, impact, and alignment with the program's objectives.

Is there a specific format for submitting case studies?

Yes. Guidelines for submitting case studies will be provided to learners, ensuring consistency and quality.

Are there opportunities for learners to interact with Sewa International's partner organizations?

Yes. Learners would have opportunity to interact with Sewa International’s Partners organizations and along with their senior leaders and team directly involved with community. Also, in specific cases Learners would be suggested to meet with other organization’s and learn from their model to articulate their social impacts and story of changes.

Will there be networking events or workshops for learners during the program? ?

Yes. There would be total 6 workshops for the learners and virtual networking meet would be organized in every two weeks so you all can get to know each other’s. Also, we are keen to foster inclinations that empower relationships to make meaningful contributions to societal and national advancement within the broader ecosystem.

How can learners provide feedback or suggestions for improving the program?

Learners are encouraged to share their feedback and suggestions with program coordinators for continuous improvement.

Would this program be suitable for someone like me who is interested in volunteering for grassroots projects but lacks prior experience in case study writing?

The programe expects basic need of written English to complete the assignment. However, we encourage learners to apply who has a structured thinking and can articulate the model in case study format.

Are there any fees associated with the workshops?

The workshops are provided free of charge to selected learners. However, full attendance (in every workshop) is required to qualify for participation in the case study writing component.

Can I apply alone for this program?

No, we encourage group participation to maximize engagement and learning. Therefore, we require applicants to apply in groups of two or three.

Am I able to propose high-impact projects from any location for documentation?

Certainly, you are welcome to suggest projects of your preference. However, please understand that the final decision on project allocation rests with Sewa International.

Can Learners select projects aligned with their personal interests and expertise?

Certainly, learners will have the opportunity to select from a pool of offered and approved projects by Sewa International.

What is the protocol for organizing interviews and focused group discussions while in the field?

Certain meetings will be pre-arranged, while others will require you to plan and execute them according to the project's needs.

Will I need to enter into a formal agreement with Sewa International?

Yes, Sewa International will delineate your roles and responsibilities and issue formal documentation.

Will I receive an experience certificate at the end of the Social Journalism Programme?

Absolutely! Upon satisfactory completion of the three-month program and submission of the final draft within the specified timeline, participants will be awarded a certificate from Sewa International for the SJP.

Can I take up this program if I am already a full-time employee at an organization?

Certainly! If you can commit to the program and allocate a week for travel to the project location while managing your other responsibilities, you're welcome to join.

I am based outside of India and would like to apply for this program. Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible. If you have a partner based in India who can assist you with the program requirements, such as project location visits, you are eligible to apply.

Whom should I reach out to for any additional questions or further clarification?

Please reach out to for any additional questions or further clarification.

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