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Salma Ben

25-year- old SalmaBen lives in Jiyapar village, of Nakhatrana block of Kutch district, with her two sons, husband and father in law. Salma’s family didn’t own any land and earlier worked as agricultural labor in the village. Their family income was measly, Rs.1500 – 2000/month, which was clearly insufficient. Her father had some serious health issues too, hence a large portion of income used to go to the health care and medicines for him. This made the day to day struggle all the more difficult for their family. A year ago, Salma came to know about training and development program being run by Bandhani in the village through her friends. She met with the representative of Sewa International and showed her interest in the program. She already had some knowledge of Bandhani, so advanced training in Bandhani was provided to her. Her skills got improved after this training program and she got registered as Bandhani Designer with Sewa International. Now, she alone earns more than Rs.3000/month, enhancing the economic condition of her family. Her confidence level has improved remarkably as now she has her own identity in the village and is able to go to various places and interact with people. Her interaction with different stakeholders has given her a better understanding of products and its market. Further, she added,”I feel I can achieve anything” and we proudly agree with her.

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