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Reang Tribes (Bru), Tripura

Arrival of 13 computers along with furniture, 1 projector and 5 footballs for the Reang (Bru) refugees in Tripura/Mizoram, sparked a wave of joy in the refugee camps, where tribal people have been neglected and suffering for 18 years.

The Reang tribes, who locally call themselves “Bru”, have lived in makeshift camps in northern Tripura since October 1997 when they fled western Mizoram due to ethnic violence. Presently, there are 5,286 tribal families comprising 31,223 men, women and children sheltered in seven camps made of bamboo and hemp in Kanchanpur and Panisagar sub-divisions under North Tripura district adjoining Mizoram.

They live in very pitiful conditions as they are rendered “refugees” in their own nation with none of the two governments (Mizoram & Tripura) willing to give them full rights of a citizen. They get a minimal ration of 600g rice/salt and Rs. 5/day/person, with minimal support for livelihood.

Sewa International has decided to support the Reang community and help them out of this misery by connecting with the youth and exploring new opportunities. We had earlier supplied 2 computers a few months back. Our local partner, Bru Tribal Development Society, had trained 22 students in computers and were looking for more help.

We decided to supplement the current computer center with 8 new computers and open another computer center in the Reang tribal area in Mizoram with 5 computers. Also, 5 footballs were supplied to engage the youth in sports.

Our North-East initiative is supported by our benevolent donors from the Middle-East and we look forward to contributions from all across the world to help with our endeavor of providing respectful life to all!!!


Sewa International invites volunteers to come forward and support various initiatives by volunteering with us.


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