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Help Us to Help Our Healthcare Heroes

With surging numbers of infected coronavirus patients in India, the only way ahead is to keep ourselves well prepared. To continue the fight, we would need to ensure our healthcare professionals are healthy while they are at duty serving the people. Donate generously so that we witness healthy and strong India ahead.

Help us raise funds to arrange PPE kits & N95 respirators for healthcare workers!

What is PPE Kit: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits are protective gears designed to safeguard the health of healthcare workers by minimizing the exposure to any kind of virus (COVID-19).

It consists of face-shield, mask, gloves, gowns, head cover, eye protection and shoe cover (Note: we will be adding N95 respirators separately to these kits).

PPE kit is important for healthcare workers: It is clear by now that Coronavirus is transmitted from one human-to-another. It is transmitted mainly through respiratory droplets that get generated when people cough, sneeze, or exhale. It also gets transmitted by touching, by direct touch through contaminated surfaces or objects and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes. Medical staff that includes Doctors, Nurses, Cleaners, Janitors, Ward boys and any other healthcare staff who are in direct contact with suspect/confirmed COVID-19 patients or who take care of such patients are more susceptible to get infected.

Why are we doing this?
India is a country of more than 1.35 billion people and there is always scarcity of various commodities and other unique challenges at this difficult time. One of the major challenges is supply of protective gear to the healthcare workers who are fighting the real battle.

We need to arrange more PPE kits and N95 respirators as soon as possible. With each passing day, we are leaving them to become more prone to this deadly disease and our medical efficiency may also reduce if healthcare workers get infected by it.

How are we doing this?
We have reached out to a number of PPE suppliers across India and have formulated distribution strategies as well. The main constraint we're facing is sourcing funds for this operation on an urgent basis.

In response to COVID-19 situation, Sewa International is continuously working to combat the spread of coronavirus in the country. Various awareness material, webinars on social media handles are being circulated to make people aware of the correct information. Masks are one such commodity which is most essential at this time. Our volunteers in Kutch and Tripura are creating homemade reusable masks for Government department staff, healthcare workers, police personnel, bank employees and all others who are at ground risking their life but committed towards the selfless service of their countrymen. We have also designed COVID-19 Stay@Home Kit for the needy people so that they stay at home and support the government endeavor to contain the spread of this deadly virus.

We are also collaborating with our regional partner NGOs across various states to start community kitchens to continue the supply of fresh food to vulnerable communities. One such effort in Hyderabad by our volunteers has proved that humanity is still alive and we all stand together. Fresh cooked food is being served from the community kitchen. Our volunteer teams in Delhi, Uttarakhand and Bangalore have also identified families who are deprived of food supplies at this crucial time. The distribution of dry ration like atta, rice, sugar, vegetables etc. along with some other hygiene essentials like mask and sanitizer, has already started at a few places.

As responsible citizen(s), we must pledge to support COVID-19 heroes (Healthcare professionals and workers) who are risking their lives so that we are safe at home. Sewa International's humble appeal to its supporters worldwide is to come forward and help raise funds to arrange PPE kits & N95 masks.
We are committed to serve our people amidst this national emergency and always ready to join hands for the humanitarian cause.

Payment by Direct Bank Transfer

Account details: For Foreign Donations -
Sewa International
Account No.- 10080533326
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State Bank of India
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Account details: For Local Donations -
Sewa International
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State Bank of India
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Swift Code - SBININBB550
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