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Essential Kits As a Relief

During the second wave, the challenges are different than the first wave. Some sections of society have been already feeling the pinch due to lockdowns, fewer livelihood opportunities and restrictions on movements. It is also realized that lack of awareness about the pandemic and poor economic conditions are also holding back people from following Covid appropriate behaviour.

Sewa International with its local partners and volunteer network quickly got into various relief and awareness activities.

  1. Supplying “stay at home” kits to the needy families. It includes grocery for 10 days sufficient for a family of 4
  2. Supplying cooked food to needy
  3. Providing basic hygiene and sanitation kit

Between April 2021 last week to June 2021 first week Sewa International has provided

  1. ‘Stay at Home’ essential kit: 40000+ and the number is increasing daily
  2. Basic hygiene and sanitation kits: 50000+
  3. Cooked food supply: 5000 + individuals

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