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Empowering Women

Sewa International supporting Women Empowerment Project of Utkal Bipanna Sahayta Samiti (UBSS) in Odisha. UBSS works in hilly tribal areas as an intervention strategy developed mainly based on the socio-economic situation of the area. The major emphasis is laid on the empowerment of the women through various programs by forming women groups (helping each other) & village women’s committees in the selected 6 villages and then initiating the actual process of socio-economic development by taking-up the following specific programs with the maximum possible care and skills.

  • Training and forming village committees.
  • Improved avenues of income generation.

Name of the Villages: Biragada, Padikia, Jaragu, Damerikia(Budabali, Dharampur, Tilakakpanga) The target of this project is empowerment of women who are usual center of all the activities in that area, starting with plate making with leaves (abundantly available locally). This project will provide a model for development of sustainable economy, social cohesiveness, cultural and social bonding that can solve issues and last but not least provide solutions for the issues of global warming, water conservation, unemployment and pollution of the ecosphere. This project is designed as a sample center of diverse magnitude with best use of available local resources and human skills. The concept of development would be area specific but in sync with today’s global scenario, which we term as integrated village development (Samanwit Gram Vikash).

The vision of the project is complete empowerment of women in Kandhamal district.


Sewa International invites volunteers to come forward and support various initiatives by volunteering with us.

Objectives of the Project

  1. To create consciousness in the community about prevailing socio-economic situations.
  2. To develop skills of cohesiveness and approach to live and let live.
  3. To motivate people for collective action on a wider perspective.
  4. To introduce and promote income generation based on availability of local resources.
  5. Empowerment of women by providing employment and earning opportunities.
  6. Create a model of development, replicable and sustainable.
  7. To create convenient marketing systems and facilities for transportation.
  8. To promote alternate livelihood development through women groups helping each other.

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