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Covid 19: Task for Mask

Facemasks are crucial in the battle against Covid-19. At Sewa International, we firmly believe that once 80% of our population wear masks outside, we can firmly control the spread of Covid-19. The “Task for Mask” movement has already started and our women volunteers in Tripura, Gujarat and West Bengal are producing home-made reusable masks.

These masks are made using 100% cotton/cotton-blend cloth which is breathable, yet, provides 70% protection from infectious germs (in comparison surgical masks provide 90% protection but one-time use only), which is very effective in controlling the virus spread. So far, we have distributed more than 3000 masks to healthcare workers, civil administration staff, bank employees and police personnel. These masks will be distributed in and around slums and village areas, where availability and awareness are missing. (Note - Though not ideal for health workers, they work as standby in case they run out of surgical masks.)

Sewa International appeals to its supporters worldwide to come forward and help provide home-made masks to the whole nation, by supporting our campaign - Task4Mask.

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