Sewa International appeals to the benevolent to be generous to provide succor to the Nepal Earthquake affected. Your timely contribution will save many and provide relief to thousands.

Sewa International Bharat, hereby, requests and appeals one and all to help and support the victims of the unprecedented earthquake next to that of 1934. The degree of the earthquake i.e. 7.9 is demonic in terms of its impact on the region encompassing Nepal, Northern districts of Bihar (those of Champaran region), Mithilanchal (districts Dharbhanga, Madhubani etc,), the district of Patna and the Division of Munger, (south of Ganges), which fall under seismic zone V. Further causalities are also reported from various districts of West Bengal and Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Sikkim.By the time this appeal is issued, the numbers are rising and from more areas. It is believed that the casualties might cross 10000, an irreparable loss.

Nepal earthquake

Sewa International is working with Jammu Kashmir Sahayata Samiti for providing relief to the flood affected. Your timely help may save a life, provide food to the hungry or shelter to people who have been displaced due to floods...

Uttarakhand rehab report 2014

Rehabilitation project in Uttarakhand was launched on the auspicious occasion of Sankranti festival on 14th Jan 2014 by inaugurating the Computer training class at Ukhimath, Rudraprayag district. This activity is sort of a prelude to the project of “empowering community to organize and manage ustainable entrepreneurship..

Clean Tech Initiative Program

The clean tech initiative program under Sewa International is a forum of volunteers having special interest to promote and implement clean tech energy solutions in remote and inaccessible areas of India where still power through conventional modes haven’t reached. The group is known as clean tech initiative group headed by a three member executive body..

Sewa Canada Medical Van

Sewa Canada International sponsored Mobile Medical Van unit was launched on 27th February

2014 in Karnprayag at Chamoli district. Dr. Rajendra Prasad Purohit is in charge of the project...

Women Empowerment through Agriculture “Development of a family, society or country starts with an empowered woman. Women are the engines for development,” said Shri Shyam Parande International Coordinator of Sewa International while addressin..

RIWATCH (Research Institute of World’s Ancient Traditions Cultures & Heritage) is being established at khinjili, Roing, Arunachal Pradeshin the five hectors of land contributed by the local community unconditionally and free of cost. We now propose to construct Administrative Block, Library and Documentation Center to start with immediately. There will be six cabins for research scholars, two for office staff and cabin for academic head.Apart from this the documentation center will have all the latest ..